Thursday, November 25, 2010

How to order a wedding dress online + Black Friday sale!

One of the biggest online wedding gown stores: Best Price Bridal is having their Black Friday Sale. Pretty pretty wedding dresses go as low as $180. The $300-$500 range dresses are very worth looking at!
But remember, dont just order when you saw a nice dress. Wedding dresses are absolutely non-refundable. Following the basic procedures below to order an online wedding gown:
  • Find the dress(and make sure you know the style, e.g. buffy, pick up, A-line, etc) you like, so that you can find other similar dresses in case this one doesnt work out .
  • Go to a local retailer to try it on yourself (check the desginer website, they have the retailer info). 
  • Put a pen and paper in your pocket/purse.
  • If the dress is not as nice as you image in the local store, see what other styles the consultant may offer.  
  • Listen to the consultant, what size she suggests if you are going to order.
  • After you finding the ONE dress you like, use your pen and paper to write down the name and model number of the dress before you walk out of the fitting room.
  • To be safe about the size, find a tailor to do a full body measurement, it only costs you $20-$30, but you will save the hundreds may needed for size adjustments later.
  • Order it online from the cheapest authentic reseller as possible (make sure you know how long they need to complete an order. Most local bridal shops say it takes at least 6 months. I got mine from Jay's Bridals in less than 3 months).
I know it from first hand that Jay's bridals is 100% authentic. People do say Best Price Bridal is authentic dealer too. I have never tried ordering from them. But you can definitely compare prices and styles from them tho~

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