Thursday, November 25, 2010

How to order a wedding dress online + Black Friday sale!

One of the biggest online wedding gown stores: Best Price Bridal is having their Black Friday Sale. Pretty pretty wedding dresses go as low as $180. The $300-$500 range dresses are very worth looking at!
But remember, dont just order when you saw a nice dress. Wedding dresses are absolutely non-refundable. Following the basic procedures below to order an online wedding gown:
  • Find the dress(and make sure you know the style, e.g. buffy, pick up, A-line, etc) you like, so that you can find other similar dresses in case this one doesnt work out .
  • Go to a local retailer to try it on yourself (check the desginer website, they have the retailer info). 
  • Put a pen and paper in your pocket/purse.
  • If the dress is not as nice as you image in the local store, see what other styles the consultant may offer.  
  • Listen to the consultant, what size she suggests if you are going to order.
  • After you finding the ONE dress you like, use your pen and paper to write down the name and model number of the dress before you walk out of the fitting room.
  • To be safe about the size, find a tailor to do a full body measurement, it only costs you $20-$30, but you will save the hundreds may needed for size adjustments later.
  • Order it online from the cheapest authentic reseller as possible (make sure you know how long they need to complete an order. Most local bridal shops say it takes at least 6 months. I got mine from Jay's Bridals in less than 3 months).
I know it from first hand that Jay's bridals is 100% authentic. People do say Best Price Bridal is authentic dealer too. I have never tried ordering from them. But you can definitely compare prices and styles from them tho~

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


最近為了向客人更好地解釋各種關於西式婚禮儀式, 我做了一點點資料搜集, 發現這篇由Nina Callaway 撰寫的文章非常有用, 因此翻譯其中一些和大家分享;

婚禮儀式除了宣讀誓言和交換戒指外, 還有很多其他的; 文章中提及的也是近來比較流行的儀式, 也有一些是上千年的文化習俗。我只翻譯了一些最近較流行的, 如果你對印度式或歐洲式的婚禮有興趣, 請留覽原文

是最常見的儀式。新人們每人會各自拿一支點燃了的蠟燭,然後兩人同時用手上的蠟燭, 燃點一支新的蠟燭; 新的燭光燃點起後, 他們會各自吹息自己手上的蠟燭,或把他們的蠟燭放在一邊, 象徵著他們兩人的結合; 有些新人會將他們的名字刻在蠟燭上, 留為紀念, 或作為新居為裝飾。

一個簡單的儀式,新人們互相交換玫瑰。近來儀式演化至包含家人在內, 例如相方家人互相交換玫瑰,或者是新人互相交換玫瑰後, 再和對方家人交換玫瑰等,最終意思是新人會互相接受對方(和他們的家人), 愛對方如愛自己一樣。


新人每人拿著屬於自己顏色水, 倒入一個玻璃杯中,營造出第三種不能分開的顏色。

類似水上,新人每人拿不同顏色的沙子倒到璃杯中或瓶中; 市面上有很多顏色的沙和專用玻璃瓶, 給新人證婚禮的紀念。

其實所有的儀式也是非常有意義的, 新人可隨個人的需要和場地限制選擇最適合的儀式。

Information obtained from Meaningful Unity Traditions to Include in Your Wedding Ceremony. By Nina Callaway, Guide

Monday, November 8, 2010

Gay marriage: Why get married?

Quote from Kathy Belge, Guide

There are many reasons to get married. Here are just a few of them.
  • Marriage is something that society understands. When you say you're getting married, the true nature of your relationship becomes clear to your friends, family and co-workers.
  • Because lesbians and gay men have dreamed of lavish weddings as children, just as straight kids do.
  • There is something very powerful about proclaiming your intentions in front the people in your life.
  • It's a great excuse to throw a big party and have a lot of fun!
  • A wedding gives a couple a sense of security.
  • It gives our friends and family an opportunity to stand up for us and support us.
  • To make a political statement about gay and lesbian marriage.
  • It sends a good message to your children.

Translated by Carman Chan, Nov 7, 2010

當然,即使你和你的伴侶結了婚,許多國家仍然不允許合併報稅或者享有用對方醫療保險的資格,但這並不意味著你沒有向至愛承諾一生的運氣,或擁有一個甜蜜婚禮的權利! 我們應結婚的理由其實真是很多。這裡僅僅是其中的幾個。

  • 社會承認婚姻的價值; 當你說你要結婚了,你們的關係變得清晰確切, 你在您的朋友,家人和同事面前承認了她的身份。
  • 即使是同性戀, 童年時仍然會擁有想結婚的夢想;
  •  能夠在很多人前面宣布自己和伴侶的關係, 的確有種不能用語言形容的魔力.
  •  想要弄一個有風格的有型派對, 不能有任何比結婚更好的藉口了 !
  •  婚禮給對方安全感。
  • 給我們的朋友和家人一個機會,站起來為我們歡呼鼓舞.
  •  推動同性婚姻在社會上的普及性, 提高人們對同性婚姻的重視。
  • 向下一代在同性婚姻的議題上, 發出了一個正面的信息。