Monday, November 8, 2010

Gay marriage: Why get married?

Quote from Kathy Belge, Guide

There are many reasons to get married. Here are just a few of them.
  • Marriage is something that society understands. When you say you're getting married, the true nature of your relationship becomes clear to your friends, family and co-workers.
  • Because lesbians and gay men have dreamed of lavish weddings as children, just as straight kids do.
  • There is something very powerful about proclaiming your intentions in front the people in your life.
  • It's a great excuse to throw a big party and have a lot of fun!
  • A wedding gives a couple a sense of security.
  • It gives our friends and family an opportunity to stand up for us and support us.
  • To make a political statement about gay and lesbian marriage.
  • It sends a good message to your children.

Translated by Carman Chan, Nov 7, 2010

當然,即使你和你的伴侶結了婚,許多國家仍然不允許合併報稅或者享有用對方醫療保險的資格,但這並不意味著你沒有向至愛承諾一生的運氣,或擁有一個甜蜜婚禮的權利! 我們應結婚的理由其實真是很多。這裡僅僅是其中的幾個。

  • 社會承認婚姻的價值; 當你說你要結婚了,你們的關係變得清晰確切, 你在您的朋友,家人和同事面前承認了她的身份。
  • 即使是同性戀, 童年時仍然會擁有想結婚的夢想;
  •  能夠在很多人前面宣布自己和伴侶的關係, 的確有種不能用語言形容的魔力.
  •  想要弄一個有風格的有型派對, 不能有任何比結婚更好的藉口了 !
  •  婚禮給對方安全感。
  • 給我們的朋友和家人一個機會,站起來為我們歡呼鼓舞.
  •  推動同性婚姻在社會上的普及性, 提高人們對同性婚姻的重視。
  • 向下一代在同性婚姻的議題上, 發出了一個正面的信息。

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